We invite students from participating universities to apply. Students must be aged 25 years or less on competition start date (11 March 2017). There is no fee for students to participate.

Students can win a place in one of ten teams by submitting an entry which consists of a pre-competition entry form accompanied by an essay or video presentation which demonstrates their skills and passion. Entries will be judged by Race 4 Good founder, Linda Cruse, who will select students from a variety of fields of study. Successful applicants from the same university will be allocated the same team; each team of ten comprises five Business Leaders and five university students



Race 4 Good is a 'hand up' revolution birthed to tackle life-threatening challenges in devastated communities around the globe. Teams comprised of the best and brightest minds -- private sector leaders and university students -- come together in highly game-ified competitions, vying to implement their unique, sustainable solutions to urgent and very real social and economic crises. Harnessing their collective experience, innovation, passion and entrepreneurial acumen, some of the world’s seemingly intractable problems are solved within surprisingly collapsed time frames.

Where lives and livelihoods are imperiled, problems are solved in a "21 Day Challenge" that banishes donor fatigue, worker burnout, dependence, perpetual need and well-intended but unsuccessful ‘hand out’ relief efforts. Race 4 Good teams are tasked to research challenges facing a third world community and develop a 5-year business plan which, if implemented, would bring long-term, sustainable economic and social uplift to that area and transform lives. Race 4 Good has provided unique opportunities for business leaders and students to make a measurable difference and forge long-term links with communities in need.

Imagine private sector brilliance combined with the unfettered genius of university students from different fields of study and from around the world, in exciting competitions with strict rules of the game and extremely modest funds. Race 4 Good is the brainchild of Linda Cruse who, according to Sir Richard Branson “makes the impossible possible.”

Six teams, each comprised of 5 business leaders + 5 students, are given a ticking clock (21 days) to submit a formal business plan detailing how to reconstruct the economy, revive the dignity and restore the future of a pre-selected community in dire need – all with a maximum virtual budget of $5,000. The winning team is flown in country to implement their solution on the ground, with the full support of Linda and her team and the villagers.

Race 4 Good is dynamic, immediate and passionate, demanding modest time commitment from business leaders, while delivering outsized, proven results rarely if ever experienced in the non-profit sector – results that will impact countless families across the globe for generations to come.


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