Service Learning & Leadership Programme

Based on extensive feedback from teachers and students from around the world, the Race4Good presents a new 2-year, high impact, meaningful, service learning and leadership programme that has been carefully designed to provide an opportunity for students to transform lives more profoundly.

Transforming lives from the classroom

In schools we study poverty, diversity & inclusion, sustainability, gender equality, human rights, global citizenship, empathy & compassion. But what does it really mean on the ground, in the true real-life global perspective? And what is our place in the world in relationship to this? The service, learning & leadership programme has been carefully designed to provide an opportunity for students to address these questions head on and transform lives more profoundly.

Taking a real-world, student-led approach

The programme is based on our founding principles, with real life insights and experiences from the frontline, both social and environmental. All of the student assignments and learning are real life, real world scenarios. Each assignment requires students to apply a range of skills and develop solutions to pertinent issues in communities in need. The programme is student-led and allows the student to own their journey.

A 2-year programme with a new module every 3 months

Every 3 months, a new module and theme is introduced where students will explore an issue that occurs in a particular community in need and apply skills such as critical thinking, empathy and entrepreneurship to solve the issue. They research, plan, take action, reflect on their experiences and provide evidence on their learning outcomes. A strong emphasis is put on reflection, central to building growth and a deep and rich experience.

The Modules

The Service Learning & Leadership Programme includes the following modules: 

 > High impact meaningful service

> Engagement with issues of global significance 

> How to recognize and consider the ethics of choice and action

> How to demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

> How to develop cultural awareness and sensitivity 

> Social entrepreneurship

About the Programme

A Flexible Timeline

Bearing in mind that each student has different needs and goals, we have developed a flexible timeline where students can join and leave at any time. A rolling 2-year student journey is divided into 3-month modules. Students have the flexibility to complete one 3-month module or as many as they possibly can throughout the 2-year journey.

Who is it for?

This programme is for students who are engaging in IB CAS & the Duke of Edinburgh Award, who are writing EPQ’s, EE’s and UCAS applications, as well as for schools who wish to introduce meaningful experiential service learning into their schools.


Registration Packages (for schools)

30 Students: £ 1000/year

60 Students: £ 1800/year

90 Students: £ 2600/year

The Aim

The programme complements and supports the academic disciplines and brings true value addition to students. It encourages students to be knowledgeable and inquiring, but also caring and compassionate, helping to develop intercultural understanding, open-mindedness, and the attitudes necessary to respect and evaluate a range of points of view. The programme is designed to develop students who understand their role in the world, their values and actions, and to shape their identity. It nurtures empathy and respect, helping to create a better and more peaceful world where students learn to become responsible and resilient members of local and global communities.

Benefits of the Programme

> Explores a service mindset

> Explores the ethics of choices and action

> Facilitates critical thinking & innovation

> Facilitates purposeful discussion around real experiences,

> Develops individual and shared responsibility, and effective teamwork and collaboration.

> Develop self-awareness and a sense of identity.

> Facilitates service learning opportunities to build on a student’s existing subject knowledge

> Fosters international-mindedness and responsible global citizens.

> Facilitates exploration of issues of global significance

> Explores cultural differences and sensitivities

> Facilitates an introduction to social entrepreneurship

> Insights into problem solving through entrepreneurial thinking

> The development of an entrepreneurial mindset

> Fosters core skills in leadership, financial management, presentation skills, business planning, strategy and sustainability

> Teaches ways to identify social problems and find a solution.

> Fosters skills to deliver resilience and adaptability.

Interested in the Service Learning & Leadership programme?

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