About the Race

The Race4Good® Global Youth League is a student leadership programme unlike any other, bringing together schools from around the world to take part in a series of groundbreaking races aimed at uplifting communities in need.

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Age Groups and Races

The Race4Good

14 – 18 years

3-week or 5-week programme

Our signature programme, the Race4Good, mobilises students aged 14 to 18 to engage in real-life content and high-impact learning as they take part in a series of ground-breaking, fast-paced online races. Supported by international business mentors, student teams compete against other schools for the chance to leave an incredible legacy in the form of economic uplift for vulnerable families and communities around the world.

The Arctic Race4Good

11 – 25 years

5-week programme

A unique leadership and entrepreneurship program that brings together over 22 years of Linda’s global frontline work, international connections, and unique insight, into one groundbreaking new course focused on climate change and the impact it is having on the lives of indigenous people living within the Arctic Circle. Students from every continent come together to learn what it’s like to live in the most extreme, remote, glacial part of the world. They will use their education to change the lives of people living in exceptionally challenging, unpredictable, situations, and leave a lasting, personal legacy.

Foundation Race4Good

10 – 13 years

3-week programme

The Foundation Race4Good programme mobilises students aged 10 to 13 to engage in real-life content and high-impact learning as they take part in a series of online races.   Student teams compete against other schools for the chance to leave an incredible legacy in the form of uplift for vulnerable families and communities.

Advanced Race4Good

18 – 25 years

5-week programme

The Advanced Race4Good mobilises students aged 18 to 25 to engage in real-life content and high-impact learning as they take part in a series of ground-breaking, fast-paced online races. Supported by international business mentors, student teams compete against other schools for the chance to leave an incredible legacy in the form of economic uplift for vulnerable families and communities around the world.

Our Goal

We aim to provide every young person the opportunity to participate in Race4Good.

A Student Leadership Programme

The School Teams

Each school team, comprising of students and international business mentors, competes to develop sustainable uplift plans that will change lives, forever. Through a fast-paced, online race format, teams are given a specific number of days or weeks to research real-life issues and develop business plans to uplift carefully chosen communities.

The Process

As teams progress over a three or five-week race with multiple rounds, they start to tackle more complex issues, including healthcare, infrastructure, design, education, and water harvesting.

Winning business plans are implemented immediately, restoring independence, self-esteem, and dignity to the most vulnerable families in the most challenged places on earth. Students achieve all this by sharing their most precious gifts, their innovation, intelligence, empathy, compassion, time, and talent. Tomorrow’s leaders – changing lives, forever!

The Design

Designed to appeal to students of all ages and interests, the race complements: The International Baccalaureate, CAS – Community Action Service, Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), Cambridge Global Perspectives, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The Rewards

The race develops responsible global citizens, tomorrow’s leaders – caring, compassionate, inquiring, internationally-minded, empathetic, and knowledgeable young people who can create a better world through the development of intercultural understanding and respect.


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Race4Good Global Youth League.

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Something for Everyone

Race4Good enables students and business mentors to use their passion to help change lives forever! Each school team has the opportunity to be involved in specific race Hubs that cover a wide range of interests and disciplines including finance, technology, creativity, wellness, and more. Students can sign up to be a Hub Lead or Co-Lead, a Team Coordinator, or simply volunteer to support one or more Hubs.

Student Roles

  • Designed to enable every school year student to get involved in the race

  • Format provides students with numerous opportunities to contribute their skills, passion, and expertise

  • Successful teams draw on the wide range of talents and interests found within the school and channel these into tackling a diverse range of challenges throughout the race experience.

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Business Mentor Roles

  • Each Race Hub is allocated a Business Mentor

  • Meeting virtually, business mentors share their entrepreneurial skills, expertise and industry knowledge and support Race Hub volunteers and activities

  • Business Mentors are selected from a wide range of departments and functions to ensure maximum impact for all students​

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3-week and 5-week options are available depending upon the Race4Good programme.

3 Weeks

Available Programmes:
Race4Good and Foundation Race4Good

3-week race format (2 rounds)

Three Leadership Modules

One-year complimentary Race4Good membership

Certificate of accomplishment

Access to Race4Good alumni network

Per Student:


5 Weeks

Available Programmes:
Race4Good, Global Girls Race4Good, and Advanced Race4Good

5-week race format (3 rounds)

Three-year complimentary Race4Good membership

Three Leadership Modules

Certificate of accomplishment

Access to Race4Good alumni network and discounted participation in F2F tailor-made Race4Good events and pogrammes

Per Student:


Immense Learning Opportunities

Builds Key Leadership and Business Skills

Race4Good targets leadership skills, innovation, critical thinking and public speaking.  Students form dynamic teams, supported by international business mentors, and compete against other schools from around the world.

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Develops Key Life Skills

By having the opportunity to engage with and uplift carefully chosen communities, from families in the Himalayas to nomadic tribes in Morocco, students are given a unique platform to develop critical life skills including cultural sensitivity, compassion, self-reflection, and emotional intelligence.

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What People Say

“Linda/Race4Good, what you do is absolutely amazing, and students, the passion and energy that you’ve put into this—all of these individuals that we see in the community, their lives are transformed. Imprint those pictures of happy faces on your mind, because they will stay with you forever.”

“We feel energised and excited. I like how the Race4Good encourages us to think critically with a limited budget. Also, how to problem-solve to find practical solutions that are simple to implement. In addition, we are learning new things about their culture every day!”

“Race4Good is honestly and very definitely the best super-curricular activity I have ever been involved in. It has been so valuable and inspiring for the students and genuinely changed their perspective on the world and made them consider the difference they can make. It has also been so effective in advancing and developing their own skill sets.”

The Race4Good Story

2000 to 2002

The start of a new life as a frontline humanitarian

The narrative begins when Linda left her corporate job and travelled to China in 2000, then soon after to India where she led an entrepreneurial training programme in a refugee camp.


A seed is planted

Prince Charles visited a project managed by Linda with refugees, and offered her this life-changing advice: “When corporates start to offer you money, a nice big cheque, just leave it on the table for a moment, money is always needed, but actually the real jewel is them, it’s their business acumen, it’s their entrepreneurial skills, it’s their heart, it’s their soul.”


Hope is restored after one of the deadliest disasters on record – the Asian Tsunami

While working in the largest tsunami survivor’s camp in Thailand, Linda reached out to influential business leaders to help the local Thai people find sustainable income-generating solutions. Within four months, they were earning three times what they had previously earned.

2006 to 2009

Helping recovery post-earthquake, cyclone and floods in Pakistan

The 2005 Kashmiri earthquake that left nearly 100,000 dead and 3.5 million homeless required extensive rebuilding efforts. Linda was involved in fostering public and private partnerships to aid those efforts. She was also involved in a separate rural initiative helping to improve the production and distribution of milk, a principal commodity in Pakistan.

2009 to 2012

Reaching those in need from Burma to the Amazon to Kenya and beyond

Aiding refugees and picking up pieces after natural disasters, Linda travelled to some of the most remote regions on the planet to offer a “hand-up” not a hand-out. While in Burma, Linda led projects to motivate and encourage refugees to develop independent business initiatives.


The Saffron Project in Morocco supported by Virgin United/Sir Richard Branson

Saffron was the hidden treasure uncovered by Linda and her team while she worked alongside Richard Branson’s Virgin United as a consultant in Asni, Morocco. Given the task to uplift livelihoods, health and education, Linda and head chef at Richard Branson’s famous Kasbah Tamadot hotel helped local villagers realise that they were literally sitting on a gold mine.


Uplifting vulnerable families after devastating super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Sitting among the devastation that a typhoon brought upon an already impoverished country, Linda thought “How can I engage with others to help develop economic uplift in a way that is fun, engaging and unique?” It would be a race format like no other based on real social and environmental challenges, with outcomes that affect real people and real places.


Let the race begin!

Linda has worked with numerous organisations, Fortune 500 companies, universities and schools to help transition Race4Good from concept to prototype to being fully launched. Race4Good is already transforming our world through the ingenuity and empathy of the players involved.


Nothing is sweeter than honey, except for sweet success in Nepal

A Race4Good took place in Los Angeles, California in the spring of 2017. The focus was a remote Himalayan village in Nepal that was cut off from the rest of the world following the devastating 2015 earthquake. The winning idea, bee-keeping, came from UCLA students who travelled to Nepal to help local villagers bring the idea to life.

2020 to date

The Global Youth League is underway!

The Race4Good Global Youth League was first launched in schools across Asia and the Middle East, and is gaining momentum as students from around the world race to change lives forever!

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It’s time to stop talking and take action

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