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Linda Cruse

Linda is the Founder of Race4Good. She is an international leadership expert, humanitarian, international speaker, and author.

Linda, based on her extensive frontline experience, runs the Race4Good high impact programme series Courageous Leadership. These individually tailored programmes develop top talent and emerging leaders, while meeting the requirements of major businesses, organisations, companies, universities and schools around the world.

Linda inspires, motivates and captivates audiences through her incredible life of adventure and misadventure, including escape from a rebel army, being held at gunpoint, surviving severe hypothermia, and suturing her own face. Engaging with Linda is a wake-up call to step outside your comfort zone, develop new ideas, and discover your true purpose, potential and passion.

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, provided the foreword for Linda‘s latest book Leading on the Frontline, which details her remarkable frontline adventures and offers essential leadership lessons from the world’s most dangerous places.

Linda is a Senior Fellow and Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. She has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Redmaids’ High School, UK. She is an Associate of Ustinov College, University of Durham, UK, and received a Humanitarian Award from WIFTS foundation USA.

John Gwyn Jones, MBE

John Gwyn Jones has 33 years of leadership in international education in Asia. He led the startup of schools in Indonesia and Lao and has experience in all phases of learning, including higher education. John has been a keynote speaker, panelist, and workshop presenter at educational events including BETT, Worldidac, Education World Forum, IPSEF, Education Investors Summit, and many other accolades.

He has been a member of FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) for 24 years, and established a partnership with premier UK education groups such as The University of Nottingham, Bath and Derby, along with the Royal Academy Of Dance, Linguaphone’s Pingu English and the Wimbledon School of English.

Helen Jamieson

Helen Jamieson is the founder and Managing Director of Jaluch and Jaluch International for 19 years – along with having two businesses in the HR and training field. Innovation and quality are her passion, and speaking plainly is her ‘brand’!

Another of Helen’s passions is supporting people around the world who are not in a position to gain employment through the usual channels.

She is the author of My Business, My Success, a guide for female entrepreneurs and is a keen and influential blogger. She is an enthusiastic and passionate consultant and speaker on topics such as cultural change, inclusion, unconscious bias, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Helen is the proud winner of numerous awards and distinctions including Enterprising Women of the Year Award (Fort Lauderdale) and Brilliance Awards Employer of the Year.

Helen received an MA in the field of Arabic Studies at the University of St Andrews.

Isabel Tobias

Isabel Tobias was the Headmistress of Redmaids’ High School from 2001 until her retirement in 2020. Redmaids’ is the oldest girls school in England, founded in 1634 and located in Bristol. Isabel has years of experience as both a teacher and school administrator. She was previously Deputy Head of The Royal High School Bath, Girls Day School Trust ( GDST).

Isabel is passionate about girls’ education and is Chair of the Girls’ School Association South West Region Member of GSA Council.

She holds a degree in English from New Hall, University of Cambridge.

Rob Gordon

Rob Gordon has more than 30 years of senior strategic experience, including as President South-East Asia and Senior Vice President of Viterra Inc; CEO and Managing Director of Dairy Farmers Ltd; Managing Director of Goodman Fielder, Consumer Foods; and has held various senior executive positions at Unilever.

Rob is also a Director of Inghams Group Limited.

SunRice supply almost 50 countries with diverse, innovative, and nutritious rice food products, and through its successful food ingredients and foodservice divisions, contributes to thousands of other brands and businesses the world over. They are a major player in the domestic market as well, supplying a staple food for households around Australia.

Dr. Amir Jafri

Dr. Amir Jafri is a highly experienced and well-regarded business leader with multi-industry and multicultural experience of building, motivating and retaining high-impact cross-functional teams.

With more than 29 years of international business experience, much of which has been gained while running businesses of leading multinational corporations at country, regional and global level, Dr. Jafri brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to the organisations he is associated with. He currently runs a few global businesses within personal and heath care. After leading a strong repositioning of Race4Good in 2021 as CEO, Amir stepped away from the role in 2022 to focus on the business side of things. 

Dr. Jafri is a medical doctor by training and an alumnus of the University of Oxford UK and INSEAD France. He is passionate about turning companies around, and has a significant track record of multiple start-ups and divestments. Before stepping out of the corporate world, he worked with companies like Arysta LifeScience, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), AkzoNobel, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer / Sanofi and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Dr. Jafri enjoys singing, playing cricket and golf, and has a special tooth for fine culinary experiences. He also advises a handful of senior business leaders globally, acting as their mentor and/or personal coach.

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