What They Say

“I was just reminded of a quote from Franz Kafka: “Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty.” I don’t just see beauty in each of you students, I see pure genius. I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of what you’ve given us to work with Linda, and even more proud of what every young person has delivered today.”

“The students participating in the Race4Good are clearly tomorrow’s leaders.”

“To plant the seed of sustainability, of entrepreneurship with young people now, you’ve hit the right target. All those who have participated in this event, it will stay with them all their lives, and who knows what good they will grow up to do! I firmly believe that.”

“Linda/Race4Good, what you do is absolutely amazing, and students, the passion and energy that you’ve put into this—all of these individuals that we see in the community, their lives are transformed. Imprint those pictures of happy faces on your mind, because they will stay with you forever.”

“We feel energised and excited. I like how the Race4Good encourages us to think critically with a limited budget. Also, how to problem-solve to find practical solutions that are simple to implement. In addition, we are learning new things about their culture every day!”

“With the restrictions many of our students have on travel, it is a dream come true to take part in a humanitarian mission that they would normally not be able to participate in. It is so good to finally find a silver lining in the COVID epidemic.”

“Race4Good is honestly and very definitely the best super-curricular activity I have ever been involved in. It has been so valuable and inspiring for the students and genuinely changed their perspective on the world and made them consider the difference they can make. It has also been so effective in advancing and developing their own skill sets.”