Books by Linda Cruse

Leading on the Frontline

Are you a student or business leader working in a world of unparalleled change and uncertainty? Leading on the Frontline by Linda Cruse captures profound leadership insights gained from two decades working as an international frontline humanitarian leader. By diving into Linda’s world of adventure and misadventure you can become the courageous, fulfilled leader you want to be.

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Marmalade and Machine Guns

Linda captivates the reader with her extraordinary frontline adventures and misadventures in some of the most challenging places on earth. Following an earlier career as a nurse, a traumatic experience led Linda to reassess her life, sell everything she owned, and fulil her dream of becoming an international humanitarian aid worker. Living with little or no access to clean water, electricity, dependable food supplies, or safe shelter. ‘Home’ is living among people in the most distressed places on earth: the aftermath of tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and typhoons, or working with survivors in refugee camps and war zones.

Linda’s journey is that of a single mother who tapped into her bravery to discover her real purpose and passion in life, and who has gone on to survive numerous near-death encounters that have taught her remarkable lessons about life, leadership and survival. Living and working on every continent, often in the face of extreme adversity, she has escaped from a rebel army, been held at gunpoint, caught in a landslide, survived severe hypothermia, sutured her own face and drank three-day-old urine to save a life.

In Thailand, after the 2004 tsunami, she developed what was to be her trademark skill: the ability to broker powerful partnerships between the private sector and challenged communities. This has brought praise from spiritual, commercial, and political leaders all over the world. Her work is inspired by the idea of giving a ‘hand-up’ not a ‘hand-out’.

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By: Darren Lim Jen Zen,

A teacher explains how his students found new skills amid Covid restrictions thanks to an innovative online competition.

The Race4Good® Schools League is a student leadership programme unlike any other, bringing together teams from around the world to take part in a series of ground-breaking races. Each team, comprising of students and international business leaders, compete to develop sustainable uplift plans for a remote community, plans that will change lives, forever!

The Tes article entitled, How I Found a Way to Teach Life Skills in Lockdown, explains how students found new skills amid Covid restrictions thanks to an innovative online competition. Written by Darren Lim Jen Zen, geography teacher at Prince of Wales Island International School Malaysia. Tes, formerly known as the Times Educational Supplement, is a weekly UK publication aimed at education professionals.

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By: Andy Homden,

Andy Homden looks at a competition for international schools that simply would not have happened without lockdown, and seems destined to grow quickly.

The January 2021 edition of International Teacher Magazine features a write-up of the FOBISIA Race4Good® Schools League, which took place across Asia in late 2020. Written by Andy Homden, CEO of Consilium Education and a former FOBISIA Head Teacher, Andy reflects on a competition that simply would not have happened without lockdown.

“I have never seen empathy – in its true sense – developed so quickly by any other process that did not involve a field trip. Over the five weeks of the online race, students clearly reflected on the questions asked by a panel of very experienced judges during a Dragons’ Den style session at the end of each round and became visibly more confident as their teamwork and leadership skills developed. This was first rate ‘learning by doing’.” —Andy Homden

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