Linda is a frontline humanitarian, leadership expert, author and inspirational speaker.

In the late 1990s, Linda was a nurse searching for meaning in her own life.  Returning from a sales conference one night, temporary blindness brought on by stress forced Linda to reassess her life. Trapped in her job, working long hours, drinking too much and sleeping too little were all having a disastrous effect.  This incident was Linda’s wake-up call and the catalyst for real change. Within months Linda sold everything she owned, took a huge leap of faith and started a new life as an international humanitarian, heading wherever natural disaster struck.

Linda’s life on the frontline has not been short of danger, adventure or misadventure. Those challenging moments include escape from a rebel army, surviving hypothermia, being required to suture her own face, wrongful arrest, and being held at gunpoint, all captured in Linda’s latest book, Leading on the Frontline. Her leadership skills have been honed under extreme conditions where the stakes don’t get much higher and far exceed share price, profit and the boardroom.

Linda’s 20+ years of frontline humanitarian aid work have taken her to every continent in the world where she has assisted in some of the most catastrophic natural disasters such as the Asian tsunami, the Pakistani earthquake, two Philippine super-typhoons and currently the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Her work has taken her to conflict zones, high mountain nomadic areas and refugee camps, as well as into challenged communities worldwide.

Linda has fused her passion for adventure and explorer’s spirit with a deep desire to make a difference to remote communities. To enable her to do this she developed Courageous Leadership—a series of unique, high-impact leadership programs, workshops and inspirational speeches designed to develop emerging leaders and attract top talent.  In addition, since 2005 Linda has led teams of international business leaders to the frontline, channelling their skills, passion and expertise to uplift remote and forgotten communities. For communities it offers a sustainable lifeline and for the business leaders an unforgettable and profound leadership experience.

Linda’s courageous leadership skills enable her to dig deep, to inspire others and to thrive in often hostile and dangerous conditions.

“If you want to know what real courage feels like, what real leadership looks like, and have a genuine desire to engage, motivate and inspire others – Linda will equip you with the skills to become that person.”

Endorsed by Sir Richard Branson who notes: “Linda makes the impossible, possible.” Linda lectures and teaches worldwide. She is a compelling and inspirational speaker with a unique understanding of motivation, global culture and courageous leadership. In 2014, Linda was appointed a Senior Fellow in Residence in the College of Business and Law at the University of Canterbury New Zealand. Linda is also a qualified nurse and magician!

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