The Race4Good bring together teams from business and universities in a dynamic virtual game to solve real-life obstacles facing challenged communities

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The Race4Good (R4G) is a leadership program in the form of a dynamic, virtual race, through which leadership skills are discovered, developed, challenged and embedded through high-impact experiential learning and situational leadership challenges. R4G takes the brightest and best brains from business or universities and forms them into dynamic teams to harness their experience, innovation and passion to make a positive impact on a corporate, social or environmental issue, whether overseas or closer to home. Using high-impact, experiential learning techniques and situational leadership challenges, participants discover, develop and embed leadership skills while being immersed in compelling, real-life content.

R4G drives values, enhances cross-cultural communication, sparks drive and innovation and celebrates outstanding performance – bringing the frontline to the boardroom.

There is the option for the winning team to join Linda on the frontline and see their plan brought to life, an unforgettable experience.

The Race4Good format is highly flexible – available as a full leadership program, a stand-alone race, or workshop.

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“Any business considering being involved in Race4Good should know that the impact you are going to leave on your employees, they will remember for the rest of their lives. The experience I had will be a highlight of my career here at Hilton & Hyland and something I will never forget.”


- Charles L. Black, Executive VP, Hilton & Hyland, USA

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Linda Cruse | Robert Tunmore Nepal 2017