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Secure your place in your school’s team and take part in the forthcoming Race4Good.

I look forward to joining you on this exciting journey as we join forces to uplift a whole community in Nepal.

—Linda Cruse, CEO, Race4Good


Designed to enable every school year student to get involved in the race; providing numerous opportunities to contribute their skills, passion, and expertise. Successful teams will draw on the wide range of talents and interests found within the school and will channel these into tackling a diverse range of challenges throughout the race experience.



    Students who volunteer to lead a specific race hub

    Each team has six ‘Hubs’.

    Each Hub is managed by a Hub Leader, a student from the relevant year group(s).

    Each Hub will be led by a different student(s).


    Main responsibilities:

    • Main point of contact for Team Coordinator, Hub Participants, and allocated Business Mentors
    • Coordinate questions, general communications, and race activity between Hub Participants and allocated Business Mentors
    • Drive Mid-Race Challenge and Business Plan discussions and activities
    • Coordinate and attend virtual meetings with Business Mentors and Hub Participants
    • Upload key documents to Basecamp
    • Inspire and motivate Hub Participants and Business Mentors
    • Submit questions, Mid-Race Challenges, Business Plan materials, and presentations to Team Coordinator within deadlines
    • Provide general support for Team Coordinator, Hub Participants, and Business Mentors


    Personal Skills:

    • Well organised, highly motivated, inspirational leader, clear and confident communicator, self-disciplined
    • You will have an interest and passion for the Hub focus (e.g. Finance, Technology, Creativity, Wellbeing, Research, Language) and a strong desire to lead and inspire others.
    • You will be keen to contribute your passion, apply your leadership skills, and create a lasting personal legacy through the Race4Good.

    Students who volunteer to take on the role of Team Coordinator.

    Note: Team Coordinators can share the role with other students.

    Main responsibilities:

    •  Main point of contact for Race4Good Operations, Hub Leaders, and School Liaison
    • Coordinate questions, communications, and race activity between Race4Good Operations and Hub Leaders
    • Submit finalised key documents including Mid-Race Challenges, Business Plans, and Presentations into Basecamp (online collaboration area) within deadlines
    • Identify a Hub to lead on specific Mid-Race Challenges
    • Inspire and motivate Hub Leaders
    • Provide general support and coordination for Race4Good Operations, Hub Leaders, and allocated Business Mentors


    Personal Skills:

    • Strong leader, highly organised, clear and confident communicator, excellent decision-maker.
    • You will have the passion and motivation to contribute your time and skills to the Race4Good, and the desire to leave a personal legacy.

    Students who volunteer to support specific Race Hub(s) (maximum 3 Hubs).

    Note: Hub Participants are not required to be available throughout the whole race and can choose to attend meetings and contribute when they have time.

    Main responsibilities:

    •  Share skills, passion, and expertise to tackle diverse Mid-Race Challenges and contribute to family- level and community-level Business Plans
    • Attend virtual Business Mentor meetings organised by Hub Leaders
    • Submit questions, join discussions, and contribute ideas, skills, and expertise
    • Provide support for Hub Leaders
    • Contribute to team success


    Personal Skills:

    • Organised and committed, good communicator, diverse interests, reliable.
    • You will have an interest and passion for the Hub focus (e.g. Finance, Technology, Creativity, Wellbeing, Research, Language), the desire to contribute your skills, ideas, and expertise to the Race4Good and the motivation to create a personal legacy.


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