Leadership expert, international humanitarian, inspirational speaker and author, Linda Cruse shares leadership secrets developed over twenty years Leading on the Frontline. Businesses and individuals around the world benefit from Linda’s incredible experience, transformed into Courageous Leadership—a series of unique, high-impact workshops, programmes and inspirational speeches designed to develop top talent and emerging leaders.

Where time is the most precious resource, Linda delivers high-impact experiences that challenge mindsets, foster resilience, build trust and develop inspirational leaders in a short period of time. Based on Linda’s boots-on-the-ground, frontline experience, Courageous Leadership take participants out of their comfort zone and into a world full of possibilities, where the impossible is possible. Who better to challenge employees to become courageous leaders—able to engage, motivate and inspire others—than someone who demonstrates courage every day?

Summary of Programmes:

In addition to a full Race4Good or Be The Change frontline experience, Linda and her team deliver fully-tailored leadership programmes, workshops, mini-Race4Good experiences and inspirational speeches based on Linda’s extensive leadership experience on the frontline. Ranging from an hour’s keynote speech to fully-facilitated leadership programmes.

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Linda’s frontline leadership skills, have been transformed into a series of unique, high-impact leadership programmes for business.

Whatever the subject, Linda leaves the audience believing the impossible is possible.

Linda’s experience of a life on the edge has given her unique insights which will enable you to find your passion and purpose.

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Participants don’t just experience a programme, they experience a personal transformation.

Leadership Programmes


Experience the power of the frontline, virtually or as boots-on-the-ground. Using high-impact, experiential learning techniques, virtual reality, online courses and situational leadership challenges, participants discover, develop and embed leadership skills by being immersed in rich, real-life content. Leadership potential does not always lie on the surface but through Linda’s programmes may be unearthed and developed through experiential learning.

Business Leaders


Are you working within your comfort zone, allowing the safe, known and predictable to suffocate growth, creativity and innovation? Are you finding it difficult to attract the best recruits, to motivate and develop existing staff, or retain employees? Linda’s programmes provide employers with powerful tools for employee recruitment and leadership development, taking employees out of their comfort zones and into a world where everything is possible.

Workshops & Seminars


By drawing on her experience of living life on the edge, Linda provides inspirational, dynamic and innovative facilitation. Using powerful images and thought-provoking messages, Linda inspires participants to act and achieve their best. But be aware, meeting Linda comes with a strong warning! At the end of one of Linda’s sessions, participants often find themselves filled with new-found energy, ready to leap over tall buildings in a single bound!


Personal Development


Let Linda empower, motivate and inspire you to live a happier and more fulfilled life. Through the Emergency Zen programme, you will come to think of Linda as your invisible friend, your cheerleader, a wise and trusted counsellor, with one goal—to help you discover what you really want in life and acquire the tools to act.


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Programme footage from the frontline



Linda Cruse at the frontline with students from UCLA.



Reflective, caring and courageous business leaders are needed to carve out new paths and grapple with challenges in a complex and uncertain world. This online leadership programme takes emerging leaders through an immersive and experiential journey that changes how they see and show up in the world. They develop a deeper sense of self, navigate cultural differences, learn how to manage ambiguity, cultivate trust, develop resilience, think reflectively, and lead with courage.


Linda Cruse has trained many young leaders with profound results and the multi-format programme has been crafted by e-learning specialist and renowned course designer, Dr Kelly Edmonds. The programme is delivered in a blended format, partially online, offline and face-to-face with Linda and her team. Through storytelling, frontline examples, on-point exercises, deep discussions, self-reflection and challenging questions, participants roll through the 8-module programme with excitement and determination to develop courageous leadership skills. The online programme is designed to wrap around a Be The Change or Race4Good experience and to fit in with existing work commitments.

Participants don’t just experience a programme, they experience a personal transformation.