Interview with Alex Boylan, Co-Founder of DreamJobbing | 21 May 2019. Linda explains how she developed Race4Good to engage the best and brightest minds in business and universities to tackle critical issues facing communities around the world.

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Interview with Margie Warrell, Forbes Columnist and Author | 10 December 2018. Margie Warrell explores the life-changing power of choosing service over status using Linda Cruse’s frontline career as the focus of her article.

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Interview with Julie Masters, Communications Industry Expert

11 July 2018


Linda Cruse is interviewed by communications industry award-winner, Julie Masters, Founder and CEO of Influence Nation. Linda talks about her call to arms to the private sector, challenging businesses to apply the skills and innovation present in the workforce, to create sustainable economic uplift for communities in need.

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Interview with Sky News Australia

16 May 2018


An interview with Linda Cruse by Sky News Australia.   Linda is in Australia speaking to dynamic companies about how employees can use their leadership and business skills to make a significant contribution on the frontline and in return experience something profound and long-lasting.

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Interview with Race4Good Business Leaders: Charles Black and Dena Burton

Rita Ciolek Documentary Maker | 1 December 2017


An interview with Charles Black of Hilton & Hyland and Dena Burton, of The Burton Collection, reflecting on their Race4Good experience in March 2017. Filmed by Rita Ciolek.

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My Little Black Book Interview with Linda Cruse

Victoria Smith | 15 September 2015


Victoria Smith of My Little Black Book has just 10 minutes to capture Linda's life on the frontline.

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Volunteering in a brave new world

John McCrone | 15 March 2015


What's that? A group of top Christchurch business leaders and students are going to be Skyping village elders deep in the Amazonian rain forest or high up the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, offering their skills to nut out some local problem? Is this woman for real? Is this the way we are going to save the planet now? ...

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