Linda Cruse delivers fully-tailored leadership programmes based on her extensive frontline experience; ranging from a day’s masterclass to full-facilitated leadership programmes spanning several months. Clients can choose from a range of unique, dynamic, high-impact masterclasses with a focus on advanced leadership and personal development. To make a strong connection between the frontline and the boardroom, masterclasses include compelling videos, frontline experiences, high-impact assignments, and unique real-life challenges. Here are a just a few examples of the specialist subjects covered:


MASTERCLASS: Accelerated Emotional Intelligence

Making the shift from transactional to emotionally-intelligent behaviour is key to personal growth and inspirational leadership. Participants explore how to understand, use, and manage emotions, keep calm, foster stronger and deeper relationships, and remain productive under pressure.


Masterclass: Courageous Conversations

The most dangerous place to be is in our comfort zone. It is easy to become a sheep in the middle of the herd – but if things are not changing, we are not growing. Participants learn how to speak up, questions ideas, challenge behaviour, channel excellence, and be the voice.


Masterclass: Resilience

When many of us are under pressure to deliver more with less, resilience is non-negotiable. Participants discover how to boost resilience for themselves and their team, manage fear, recover from setbacks, handle stress, embrace change, and thrive on challenge.


Masterclass: Purpose and Performance

Transactional leadership occurs when there is an imbalance between the needs of the business and employees. Participants learn how to link performance and development, make it a daily conversation, and provide essential mentoring and support for those they lead.


Masterclass: Personal Mission Statement

Through a series of powerful steps, participants uncover what drives, motivates, and inspires them – revealing their unique purpose and passion and helping them to lead a happy, purposeful, and fulfilled life.



One of the common reasons we do not achieve our life goals is US – we allow our minds to hold us back and prevent us from growing. The good news is that by using powerful, high impact techniques participants can become the best versions of themselves by learning how to control and strengthen their mindset and create positive energy for their teams.



Inspirational leaders provide unwavering support for those they lead but in times of stress can forget to nurture their own well-being and resilience. Linda explains how to build a tribe of people to provide support, encouragement, and challenge through a shared experience.


Masterclass: GRATITUDE

Inspirational leaders create a supportive and positive culture at work and apply gratitude to their daily leadership. As participants learn how to express gratitude in all areas of their life – everything changes – not just for them, but for everyone around them.


Masterclass: filter awareness

We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are; filters affect how we observe, interpret, and react to situations and events. Participants discover how to recognize barriers to communication and understand and achieve greater success in every conversation.


Masterclass: don't look for heroes. be one.

We can often feel pressure to conform, believing we should mirror other people, speak the way they speak, and avoid standing out. By analysing the people they admire, participants learn how to apply these qualities to their own leadership.



Many of us never try to reach our goals or fulfil our dreams because the fear of failure holds us back. But it is during times of adversity that we get a real chance to demonstrate our mental resolve. Linda shows participants how to visualise success, step out of their comfort zones, set realistic goals, and achieve them.


Masterclass: accountable leadership

Accountability requires a personal understanding of roles and responsibilities, individual

performance goals, recognition of obstacles hindering performance, and a clear understanding of personal and team-level needs. Linda demonstrates how participants can achieve the gold standard of accountable leadership.



There is a world of difference between the behaviours of a manager and those of a leader. Linda shares practical tools and techniques to enable participants to become the inspirational leaders they have always wanted to be.


Masterclass: having great conversations

Words have the power to accomplish nearly anything and destroy nearly anything, participants learn how to manage difficult conversations using an empathetic, compassionate, and supportive approach.


Masterclass: emotion drives outcome

People will forget what you say and what you do, but they will never forget how you make them feel. Employees want to feel valued, trusted, supported, and empowered – knowing they have something special to contribute and are vital to team success. Participants learn how to make critical emotional connections and achieve great results.


MASTERCLASS: multi-sensory awareness

Multi-sensory observation, situational awareness, and learning to trust her instincts, are among the key frontline skills which have saved Linda’s life on more than one occasion. Participants discover how to develop heightened observation, listen to their instincts, spot verbal and non-verbal clues, and obtain greater insights into the complex world around them.


Masterclass: accelerating trust

Building trust at an organisational-level takes time, but it starts with one person doing the right thing. The most valuable commodity in business is trust. Participants learn how to empower their team to make courageous decisions, manage change and uncertainty, and pursue ambitious goals.


Masterclass: outcomes through vulnerability

We all want to be regarded as professionals, but this can add pressure which increases stress levels, stifles creativity, and leaves us fearful of taking risks. Having the courage to share our vulnerabilities can bring surprising benefits. Linda reveals the secrets!


Masterclass: a positive look at failure

One of the key changes leaders can make is to take a positive view of failure. Linda explains how to turn failure into an opportunity to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, to learn, to progress, strengthen, improve, and to build an environment where individuals feel able to set and achieve ambitious business goals.


Masterclass: open challenge and discussion

Being open to challenge and discussion should be a positive experience that promotes personal and team-level growth. Linda shares practical ways to foster mutual trust and respect and create openness and transparency within teams.


MASTERCLASS: how to influence

Participants learn how to fine-tune their influencing approach, drawing on the right technique for any scenario, and recognise when it’s time to get out of the way and trust others to deliver.



Communicating an organisation’s purpose, vision, and strategy with passion and conviction is a key leadership skill. Participants learn how to inspire, engage, motivate, and empower those they lead – making others excited to be on the same journey!


Masterclass: small change, big impact

Taking everything they have learnt, participants are encouraged to identify a small, but significant change they will make to their leadership, one with the potential to create a powerful ripple-effect for people in their team and beyond.

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