Linda Cruse is a frontline humanitarian aid worker whose experience of life and near-death have given her a unique insight into the human psyche. Linda’s journey of self-transformation started a long time before that.

“In the early 1990s I thought I had everything—married with two wonderful children, living in a smart town house, enjoying a challenging career in nursing—when unexpectedly it all came to an end. I found myself divorced. To make ends meet I had to leave nursing, ending up in a job I hated, one which made me miserable and anxious. In 1996, I was driving home from work on a busy motorway when a powerful headache developed.  In a panic, I pulled over to the hard shoulder where I remained for some time unable to see—the stress had brought on temporary blindness.

During these moments, alone and terrified, I vowed that if I could just get home safely, I would make serious changes to my life. This was to be the start of a scary, lonely but emotionally fulfilling journey: teaching skills and bringing aid, and above all, love, to war-torn refugees, the poverty stricken and victims of disaster around the world.

But more than that, it was the moment I changed my life from negative to positive forever. I called this my Emergency Zen—with absolute determination and passion in three months I eliminated negativity from my life, reconnected with my passion and purpose, set myself back on my path and have gone on to live a happy and fulfilled life, inspiring others to do the same.”

Let me help you find the passion, courage and tools to manifest your greatest desires and wake up happy!

From Day 1 of the course, things will start to change. After 30 days you'll have stepped into your authentic self, positive and happy. After 60 days you'll be connected to your very own magic—your passion and your purpose.

  • Discover who you really are and what you truly want from life.
  • Unleash your gifts and your passion.
  • Feel better and have more FUN!
  • Learn to become a magnet for love and happiness.
  • Leave a legacy for the world.


Emergency Zen is available as a group workshop, two-day programme or an online course for individuals.

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“Emergency Zen is catered to you, your lifestyle and beliefs and will help you make small changes in your life that end up having big effects, months and years later. I am eternally grateful for Linda and Emergency Zen.”


- Emily Klein, Author, Hawaii, USA