Based on Linda’s highly successful programs for adults, Be The Change: Future Leaders takes students from schools and universities on unforgettable, deep-immersion, overseas humanitarian experiences. You might return to a country times and time again but dropping in as a visitor it can be hard to scratch the surface, to learn what people really think, understand how they live, what inspires them, experience their joy and their pain. Be The Change: Future Leaders offer students a rare opportunity to achieve this level of immersion; whether experiencing life as a Berber in Morocco or understanding what it means to be a goat farmer in the High Himalayas The Future Leaders program provides insight into the exciting, fast-paced and challenging world of frontline work; each itinerary designed to complement and enhance the curriculum and giving students numerous opportunities to learn and grown, and to work collaboratively to create a wonderful legacy for a ‘forgotten’ community.



“Linda is truly inspirational. She has worked with our Sixth Formers and younger pupils and completely captivated them, offering them unique, memorable and meaningful experiences in Nepal and Morocco. With so many school trip companies out there offering off-the-shelf itineraries, the bespoke and superbly supported opportunities Linda and her team offer are energising and special. Having heard Linda speak a number of times in education settings she is fantastic and makes such a genuine difference to the global community.”


- Jon Cooper, Assistant Headteacher and IB Coordinator, Redmaids High School, UK

Students experience an unforgettable educational and cultural experience.



Linda Cruse | Redmaids School Nepal