The Race 4 Good invites the brightest and best brains from business and universities, forms them into dynamic teams and harnesses their collective experience, innovation, passion and entrepreneurial acumen. Teams are of 10 people comprising 5 business leaders and 5 students are challenged to solve some of the world’s seemingly intractable problems. A total of 10 teams will compete in the competition and two teams will be selected as winners.

Teams are given 21 days in which to research the challenges facing a specific community in a third world country and to develop a business plan which, if implemented, would bring long-term, sustainable economic and social uplift to that area and transform lives.

The two business plans considered the most likely to have the greatest long-term, sustainable and positive economic impact on a community, are chosen as overall winners. Students from the winning teams are flown to Nepal to meet the community and see their projects come to life.

How to apply

Students can win a place in one of ten teams by submitting this pre-competition entry form accompanied by an essay or video presentation.

Essay :

  • Typed and in Word format.
  • 1,000 words or less
  • In English and in font size 12.
  • Submitted by email.

Video :

  • 3 minutes or less
  • In english

Based on the following scenario :

  • Typed and in Word format.
  • 1,000 words or less
  • In English and in font size 12.
  • Submitted by email.

Student Eligibility :

  • Currently be studying at one of the universities takin part in the competition.
  • Be in their final year of study in any faculty.
  • Be aged 25 years or less at the competition start date.

Student Selection:

Entries will be rated for imagination, originality, creativity, humour, practicality and feasibility and will be judged by founder Race 4 Good, Linda Cruse. Students will be selected from a variety of fields of study; successful applicants from the same university will on the same team. Successful candidates will be informed by: 12th February 2017

Deadline for Entries:

Please complete the entry form in full and return it with your essay or video to by midnight local time 10rd February 2017. Please mark the email heading: Race 4 Good Student Application and remember to include your essay or video.