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You will be a senior business person viewed as a leader in your field.
You will have an interest in the third world and believe in making a difference.
You support a business-led approach to solving a problem for a third world community.
You will be interested in using your skills, business acumen and experience to:

  • Assist in a problem-solving process
  • Effect sustainable change in a third world community
  • Mentor a top university student
You will be strategic, imaginative, creative and altruistic. You will be a great role model for young people who are just starting out
You will be excited about the opportunity to stretch yourself professionally and personally, to work across sectors with other leading business people and with top university students.
You consent for your details to be included in Race 4 Good media/case studies and website.

What’s Required

  • You will be part of a team of 10 people comprising 4 other business leaders and 5 university students. The students in your team will be from the same university.
  • A total of 6 teams will compete in the Race 4 Good competition which runs for 21 days.
  • You will need to be available via electronic media to work as part of the team for the duration of the competition 11 March –31 March 2017.
  • Prior to the competition launch there will be a briefing for participants by founder Linda Cruse, either in person or remotely.
  • Time commitment estimated to be: 4 hours in first week to cover launch event and briefing. - Followed by 2 hours per week for 3 weeks. - In addition, time spent mentoring your individual student, according to their needs and your availability.
  • The team will determine how and when they work and the direction to take
  • The students will drive and undertake most of the work while the business leaders act as mentors and advisors.
  • There is no documentary output required of business leaders but you may decide to support students in the production of the final business plan and budget
  • There are sponsorship packages available which allow you to hand-select your own team.
  • The student you mentor will keep you informed on a regular basis of the progress being made by the student group.

Benefits and Rewards

A chance to visit the community you have worked with and be part of the implementation of your winning business plan.
Be part of a unique, global programme and gain satisfaction from helping a challenged community in need. .
Apply your skills and experience in a different and challenging context and benefit from the 'stretch'.
Gain exposure to other cultures and enhance your global citizenship stripes
Expand your intercultural communication skills.
Use the full breadth of problem solving and innovation skills.
Network with business people from across sectors.
Mentor a top student in your area of expertise, work uniquely with experts in other fields and benefit from cross-fertilization of ideas.
Be part of an exciting, high profile, inaugural programme, help shape it for future events, and have the opportunity to accompany Linda on a future frontline trip.

Key Dates

3 Feb

Student Pre-Competition Open: student entry forms available.

8 to 15 Feb 2017

Personal briefing by Linda Cruse to individual Business Leaders taking part

10 Feb 2017

Deadline: student entry forms.

12 Feb 2017

Students selected to take part.

14 – 18 Feb 2017

Competition Overview

Cultural Competency

Design Thinking

Tutorial on Business Plans


16 – 17 Feb 2017

Briefing by Linda Cruse for Advisory Group members.

11 Mar 2017

DAY 1. Official Competition Launch: Race 4 Good begins. Business Leaders and students gather for the launch and teams are announced. The first team challenge is set and teams have the chance to win extra points

The Race Begins!
11 - 31 Mar 2017

Surprise challenges and opportunities presented to teams. Teams liaise with the Local Guide and Advisory Group and develop their business ideas.

TBC Mid Race Challenge
31 Mar 2017

DAY 21. Official Competition Ends. Deadline: Business plan, budget and presentation submitted (midnight local time).

6 Apr 2017

Judging: Teams present their business plans and budgets to judges. Winning team announced. Closing event.

Closing Event

Members of the winning team travel to Nepal. Dates agreed with winning team.

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