Projects: Thailand

Linda Cruse assisted with both psychological recovery and livelihood recovery post Asian Tsunami of 2004

Pschological Recovery

Psychological recovery heals, it brings back community and laughter, it lifts the heart and soul during and after crises.

Livelihood Recovery

We bring back self esteem and dignity through our hand up not a hand out model. We involve the business community to establish sustainable livelihood diversification by identifying new markets that match the skill levels and priorities of the community, building on community members’ activities, needs and priorities.

Livelihood recovery Miss Quanta - extra wheel - chicken fried

“What I witnessed was practical compassion. They took an idea she had, and with a grant of just 7,000 baht ($250), gave it life. Now, she is a successful cook – selling her food from a mobile shop at the many construction sites. She’s selling more every day, and providing not just a living for herself but a service to local workers.”

Secretary of State Tessa Jowell MP

Three case studies showing livelihood recovery in action post-Tsunami

Miss Otong

Previous occupation: Chambermaid at resort hotel

New business idea: To set up her own laundry business from home. Her requirements a washing machine, iron and ironing board

Amount required: $350

She nearly drowned. She ingested so much water she has abscesses on her lungs. She also had a dislocated shoulder and broken arm, wrist and fingers. Her place of work – the resort- washed away.

Project completed: Washing Machine purchased.
Able to work from home and earn a living whilst receiving support from her family. As well as income it has given her a purpose to get up in the morning. Her depression is lifting.

Miss Jai

Previous occupation: Cook and Machinist for tour group

New business idea: Tailor – she needs a sewing machine, steam iron and basic tools.

Amount required: $270

Project Completed: Miss Jai has identified a gap in the market where she can use her skills. She will make school uniform for the local area and make clothes for a friend to sell in the city.

Transformed: The family’s self-esteem and dignity is restored, no longer asking for sponsorship for their child.

Miss Dalang

Previous occupation: Grandmother
Her daughter and son-in law drowned leaving her with two 5 year grandchildren to raise.

New business idea: To renovate her spare room and toilet so that she could rent out a room to tourists.

Amount required: $500

Transformed: As an elderly woman she could not start to work full time again – renting out the room gives her a guaranteed income whilst she is able to care for her grandchildren.