You were born to create the life you want. 

 Live a life that makes you happy.

 Follow your passion!

Out of my Comfort Zone

  • Are you curious that there is more to life than you are currently experiencing, knowing you have yet to find your real purpose, to discover the absolute unique part of you that you were born with?
  • Are you committed to discovering who you are and how to give yourself most fully to the world, living your own hero’s journey?
  • Are you looking to approach life differently, ready to dissolve blocks and in return feeling more alive and satisfied than ever before?
  • Are you ready for more joy, fun and laughter?


Emergency Zen

An 8 week transformational course

  • Discover who you really are, what you truly want from life and have the tools to take the appropriate action

  • Feel better and have more FUN!

  • Unleash your gifts and your passion - discover what makes your heart sing

  • Learn to become a magnet for love and happiness

  • Create your own reality and have the confidence to dive into it

  • Leave a legacy for the world

The only limits on your life are the ones you impose on yourself. Don‘t get locked in a dream state and procrastinate.

Don’t live someone else’s life.

Many of us spend the best years of our lives in the place of average, in the place of the known, lacking courage to venture out into foreign territory, too frightened to leave the crowd. Wanting to fit in, afraid to stand out, dressing like everyone else, behaving like everyone else.
Often finding ourselves with a career, some money, even fame yet feeling like there is still something missing, a bit jaded, not fully fulfilled, not completely there.
Aware there is more to life and business than the material, money and profits but not able to find what.
And the years of responsibilities, stress, issues, business, the role we play with family and friends, all of it competing for time can lead to emotional blocks and defences that we are not even aware of.
You may feel that you have lost yourself amongst it all.

From Day 1 of taking the course things will start to change.

After 30 days you’ll have stepped into your authentic self – positive and happy

After 60 days you’ll be connected to your very own magic – your passion and your purpose

Why join?

Gain the inspiration, support, tools and techniques to pursue your passion, create a life you love and live your heroes journey

Who is it for?

Those who have reached their tipping point, had a wake up call, heard the call to adventure. Those who’ve decided enough is enough and want to create a life they love.

Is this you? 

Join us to start your journey of a lifetime!

Let me empower, motivate and inspire you to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Think of me as your invisible friend, your cheerleader, a wise and trusted counselor, with one goal -to help you discover what you really want in life and acquire the tools to take action!

This exciting journey is taken in two four week parts:

First Steps (Weeks 1-4): Authenticity, Positivity, Happiness Going for Gold (Weeks 5-8): Love, Contribution, Magic

Each week you will receive a treasure chest of transformational ideas, exercises, tools and techniques, real and practical, from the four corners of the world, that I have used with incredible success.
Ancient wisdom, rituals, tips and elixirs I have gleaned from lost and forgotten indigenous tribes – Amazonian shamans, Tibetan lamas and Indian gurus
Inspirational stories of my life on the frontline, the unsung heroes I have met, the adventures and misadventures

First Steps: Authenticity, Positivity, Happiness (Weeks 1-4)

“Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin’.
You have a destiny that only you can fulfil.
Are you curious that there is more to life than you are currently experiencing, knowing you have yet to find your real purpose, to discover the absolute unique part of you that you were born with?
Are you committed to discovering who you are and how to give yourself most fully to the world, living your own hero’s journey?
Are you looking to approach life differently, ready to dissolve blocks and in return feeling more alive and satisfied than ever before?
Delve into who you really are and what you truly want from life.

Every Feeling Counts

Every feeling, every thought you are having right now is being amplified massively. So what do you want the universe to hear?

It matters how you feel – because nothing matters more than how you feel.
The better you feel, the more on the path you are to who you are.
Good feels good. Life is supposed to be FUN. Nothing that feels out of reach can happen.
You cannot guide yourself by anyone else’s criteria – and your criteria is the way you feel. You will learn to reach for the thoughts the words and the actions that feel good as you are acting them and speaking them, contemplating them or doing them. You will learn how
to change your vibrations and so change the results you’re getting.
Then you will be the person that you were born to be.

Wake Up Happy! First Steps


    Your Wish List
    Random Acts of Kindness Clearing Bad Vibes & Quick fix Energisers


    Vibrations – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Power of the Mind
    Go to the beach first
    Seeing is Believing


    The Happiness Habits Laughter – the Best Medicine Finding your Flow

    Going for Gold: Love, Contribution, Magic (Weeks 5-8)

    Have you noticed that some people have an aura about them?
    An allure so powerful that it’s impossible to resist?
    It’s as if an invisible force is pulling people closer and closer to them as if drawn by a magnet.
    Learn how to become a magnet for love and happiness and attract the people and experiences that you want in your life.
    Don’t Look for Heroes – Be One!

    “If you can tell me who your heroes are, I can tell you how you’re going to turn out in life”
    How do you want to be remembered?
    What do you want to have achieved?
    What will your legacy be?
    ‘Ask not what the world can do for you, but what you can do for the world’.
    Helping people has a ripple effect. Pay it forward. You grow by giving and helping others. It can change you in ways you never expected.

    “You see, ten years from now you will surely arrive. The question is: Where? Who will you have become? How will you live? What will you contribute? Now is the time to design the next ten years – not once they’re over. We must seize the moment.” – Anthony Robbins

    Now is your moment to become a Hero. Seize it!
    Wake Up Happy! Going for Gold:


    How strong is your web? Unconditional Love Create your vision Celebrate!


    Own your gifts Nurturing yourself
    Are you doing what you love? You are unique!


    Your unique values Everything starts as a dream Honouring the hero in you The ultimate gift


    The magic of goal setting Lighten Up Dealing with Fear Onwards and Upwards!
    The topics covered are thought provoking and challenging – all designed to take you out of your comfort zone – your routine, everyday way of thinking and acting – and make you unstoppable in 2016 and beyond.

What you get when you join Emergency Zen:

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I was able to turn my life around, listen to my heart & follow my dreams

angie surf-1“The most important thing I learned through Linda’s coaching was to ask myself what my dreams were. After answering that question, I realised nothing in my life was taking me closer to that dream. The only way to make your dreams come true is to go out and make them happen, actively, consciously. Linda has a way of cracking you open softly, and a true gift in helping you sort out whatever feelings come from within. She had a way of making me see that the only person responsible for my own happiness was me! Linda and I met at a time when I was struggling for balance and peace, I was aware I needed a change but didn’t know how to come about it.

With her guidance I was able to turn my life around and finally find that peace, learning how to listen to my heart and follow my dreams. When I started being truthful to myself everything fell into place, I found courage to start a business, humility to learn something new, and the vulnerability to fall in love. Life is never perfect, but if you are true to yourself it is much easier to deal with the challenges.”

Angie, co-founder and Director, Del Mar Surf School Nosara, Costa Rica


I have my life & freedom back! I 100% recommend the course

“The course has probably been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and the benefits, lessons and tools will be of ongoing value in my life well beyond the actual course itself. It’s been challenging, thought provoking, inspiring and hugely enjoyable. A massive thank you to Linda for her wonderful suggestions, feedback, comments and sharing some of her wonderfully inspiring experience and insights. For anyone looking to make changes or feeling dissatisfied and needing a fresh approach or some guidance I’d 100% recommend the course.
A very big thank you for helping me along the way to making the changes I want and need – and for doing it in such an interesting, intelligent, compassionate and enjoyable way!

Six months later: I was finally able to cut ties in August this year and since then I feel I have my life and freedom back! I have been having a few little adventures and making changes and generally enjoying life again. So my faith in life is back again 🙂 Thank you so much.”

Maggie Maguire, UK


Linda has a gift for reawakening life!

Emily“There are some people who instantly put you at ease and Linda is one of them. I remember feeling within minutes of meeting her that she was an old friend, and I suppose that is one of the reasons her coaching sessions are so effective. Just attaining that feeling of complete relaxation can be so rejuvenating. Going into the visualizations there was nothing inhibiting my thoughts and the visualizations she led me through took me much deeper than I ever imagined they could. Beyond that, I think her true gift is insight. Her verbal lead is remarkably soothing, and with her insight I uncovered parts of myself that had lain dormant for years. Linda has a gift for reawakening life!

Two Years on: It is not often you meet someone and spend just a couple of days with them and everything they spoke of sticks with you. But this is the beauty and truth of Linda Cruse and her work. She gives you the tools that you will want to keep day in and day out. Emergency Zen is catered to you, your lifestyle and beliefs and will help you make small changes in your life that end up having big affects, months and years later. I am eternally grateful for Linda and Emergency Zen.”

Emily Klein, Author, USA


I feel like I am opening the door to the world!

“Thank you Linda for all your guidance, I have made the decision to make a big change in my life. Through our sessions I realized I had ignored so many key areas. The best thing is that I feel calm and excited about this new cycle. I feel like I am opening the door to the world!”

Maria Jose, Manager, Costa Rica


It gave me a framework to make much needed changes 

Randy and Carlos“Emergency Zen is fantastic. It really gave me a framework on which to build my personal development and to make the much needed changes that I knew needed to be made but couldn’t qualify or quantify. It also clarified and allowed me to put into words the issues and obstacles I have been experiencing, allowing me to move forward with a constructive plan both personally and professionally. Linda’s enthusiasm and positive energy made the sessions much more inspiring.”

Randy Langendorfer, Principal and Director, Monte Azul, USA

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