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Help Eriopaguita rebuild herself with a hand-up.

I would like to introduce you to Eriopaguita. She’s 40 years old. A mother of 4 – Josselin 13, twins Luis David 11 & Luis Moises 11 and Escarleth 5yrs. They live in Perdanales, a small beach resort that sits on Ecuador’s long Pacific coast…one of the cities closest to the epicenter of the devastating […]

The nepalese happy bachelor and his goats!

Do you really know the impact that your daily routine has on you? Do you commute hours to work each day, leaving home early, arriving home late? Do you know some of the people in your street or apartment block? Do you know any of their names? Do you feel part of your community or […]

“After weeks on the road listening to a language you don’t understand using a currency whose value you don’t comprehend, walking down streets you have never walked down before, your old ‘I’, your old story, your old habits – along with everything you ever learned is absolutely no use at all in face of these […]

Making Magic on the Frontline

…feeding hearts and souls. I would like to bring you our video of magic on the frontline, showing you why we brought magic to the Philippines. The positive impact it had was profound as we aimed to heal hearts, minds and souls. Click the image below to watch it! Magic has been with me my […]

Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives.

I encourage you to learn how to say “No more!”, so you can say “YES!” to experiences, to people, to places that can stretch you and stimulate you. Be daring and be surprised by how wonderful it is to feel so alive. I hope this email inspires you to live passionately and to say YES! […]

Frontline Thinking

Life Lessons Learned from Living on the Edge as a Frontline Humanitarian 3 continents, 21 countries, 15 years and 1 suitcase Real People Real Problems Real Change   What is the path you should be walking? Quit My Job, Sold My House & Changed My Life Fifteen years of living in extraordinary and extreme conditions […]